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Registration for BAMO 2019 is closed.

Please note that homeschooled students cannot take the exam at home, but must find schools or math circles that are proctoring BAMO. We will add information you to use if you are unable to find a location on your own, which will help to match you to a nearby school. Please check back in early February

Looking for a proctoring location?

If you are a student who wants to take the exam, please ask your school if it has registered for the exam. If your school is unable to offer the exam, please check the following table which lists available proctoring sites that are willing to host students. It is YOUR responsibility to contact the proctor at a site that you wish to take BAMO. We cannot guarantee that these sites will have spots; check as early as possible. We will update this list as more schools register for BAMO.

Sample problems can be found in the BAMO archives with over 15 years of problems and solutions.

BAMO is supported by grants and donations. Please contact bamo@msri.org to help sponsor this year's contest.